Walking Again!

I had been in a wheelchair for a year and three months. Well, Praise God I put the oil on my foot and I am out of that wheelchair and walking.
–Sis P R. Huntington NV

No More HIV

I went to the doctor, my stomach was hurting so. They took tests and x-rays on me. He said I have HIV and so I wrote you to tell you about this. You wrote me back to tell me that you asked God to move the HIV disease out of my body and its gone, now. Thank you Jesus!
–Bro J. Y., Baton Rouge, LA

The Power Of Prayer

You told me I would receive some money on the seventh day and I received $1,267.00. Today I received another check for $500.00. I can’t thank you enough, so keep praying.
–Bro. R. E., Oakdale, LA

Walking with Jesus

“… And the Lord said, It is not good for man (Or person) to be alone; I will make a helpmate for him…”   Gen. 2:18


The secret of dealing with and overcoming loneliness is keeping the warm love and Presence of God in your heart at all times.  Look at Luke 24:13.  Two Disciples who had physically walked with Jesus for 3 years were now on their way back home to Emmaus.  Walking alone and feeling sorry for themselves, when a stranger joined them.  This stranger was Jesus Himself.  Here is the major problem with loneliness.  You get so wrapped up in self-pity you don’t see help when help is walking right by your side.  Like grandma used to say, “It’s so close if it were a snake, it would have bit you.”

Here are some steps to take: Don’t isolate yourself.  Reach out to others and make new friends.  Find something useful and productive to do.  There are millions of exciting, wonderful believers ready and anxious to meet someone just like you.  God can connect you to the “right people” who can take away your loneliness…