Wow – blessing after blessing!

I thank God for my loved ones and health. Pastor Popoff, my son accepted the Lord in his life, stopped drinking, smoking, has a good job and is saving his marriage. Amen! My grandson is doing great, C.J., the little 2 ½ lb in need of heart surgery. He’s fine and 9 mos. old now. I finally got my car fixed and my marriage is better. I was blessed with child support arrears. I was 1 ½ mos. sick with asthma, migraine dealing with RSD. I received your Holy Bread and wine & said “Lord I rebuke the enemy in Jesus’ Name” and I feel so great.  I feel healed, I can talk again. Amen! God is also helping us on the mortgage, it’s now up to date. Amen and God Bless!

–Sis. M. S., Lancaster, PA

Bought a Car for $5.00

Pastor Popoff, I was in a bad car accident and they totaled my car. The insurance company gave me $5000 for my van. I went to a car sale and I bought a car for $5.00, yes $5.00! They slash the prices on cars and have two $5.00 cars they give away a month and yes I received one. Praise God!
–Sister S. F., Millbrook, AL


The word “Prosperity” evokes only two kinds of response in a Christian setting: (1) “I embrace what the Bible says” OR (2) “I detest those TV preachers who claim to ‘name it and claim it’!”
What kind of response do you have?
Here is my response, which may be different than yours: Not only do we serve a miracle-working God, we serve a God who wants YOU to receive His “Divine Wealth”!
Every scripture that we read must be received and acted upon with a pure heart! There is a “balance” in everything that we do. Do not go out to some mountaintop and “claim your Cadillac” from the Lord! Can God provide for you a brand new Cadillac? ABSOLUTELY! But merely “naming it and claiming it” does not produce God-honoring results.
The Holy Spirit wants you to walk in a lifestyle of depending upon Him, whether you are homeless or you are a millionaire. We must be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to speak to you. Allow Him to touch you. Listen for His voice. He wants to speak and communicate with you—not just on the important things, like: who to marry, to buy a house or not, to take this job—but for the small details of everyday living…..God covets a RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU!
Receive His divine promises today: “The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children.” –Psalm 115:14 (TLM )
Please respond back…do you believe that God has divine promises, including prosperity, for you?

Back Pain Healed!

A few weeks ago you [Peter Popoff] sent me Frankincense and Myrrh anointing oil to anoint myself where I hurt the most. At that time when I received it I had a pain in my back at the left side from my waist up to my shoulder.  After reading your letter I anointed my pain and went to bed. When I woke up next morning the pain was gone! Again I say thanks to you for the frankincense and Myrrh anointing oil. Bro. Popoff I respect you and appreciate you for what you have done and are doing all in the Name of Jesus.

–Sis. S. F., NY

Are you for real?

Dear Rev. Peter  Popoff,

You call me Brother; you tell me you are a Prophet.  I have searched the Bible through and through and as yet I have not read that any Prophet in the Bible was a business.  Also, you continually ask me to send you money, then you will reveal what miracle I can expect.

I belong to a Lutheran Church, to that church body I give and we have a charter, stating that we will follow the teachings of the Lutheran Church and we are not a corporation.  In all your letters, there is always a price to reveal something to me.  I have only seen your broadcast once.  I was feeling down, everything was going wrong and I thought why not allow someone new to pray for me.  Since that time I have given what I could, but now you want more and more money to reveal your secret names 25/16.  A prophet who in all this time has not once stated where the money goes, what mission he has set up or a statement of condition of his business.

You may be a prophet, but so was Elmer Gantry and by golly Burt Lancaster did a good job of pulling the wool over the eyes of many so-called sheep!  You have a beautiful wife, and she looks like she is very faithful.  I have not seen a picture of your church, or where you do your broadcasting from, every preacher on T.V. needs money, some use the planting of the seed idea, and they say it with a straight face, and they ask for pledges of $1,000.00 but not one time have I seen a picture of what they were doing with the money except paying for more T.V. time so they could again rake in $ again.  So a letter of financial condition or corporate annual report would be very great to receive!  Show me where the money goes.  Or are you a for-profit prophet?

I hope you had a blessed Easter

Money came!

Well Rev you said money would be pouring in and it is! April 5-10 I received a check from SS in the amount of $3372.00! Praise God!! The date you give me are so awesome, Amen! Rev I luv you and my heart goes out to you! You’re so very blessed by God! And I believe in you with all my heart. You said I would find love as well, and I have!!

–Bro. P. G., LA


Hebrews 11:1 says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
If you can see it, you don’t need to believe it!
Please KNOW that when you pray that God hears your prayers and will answer them, if you will trust Him and believe in Him. God cannot answer your prayers unless you believe Him. You must have FAITH IN GOD so He can answer your prayers. You can’t have faith one minute and worry the next minute!
Hebrews 11:6 says, “Without faith it is impossible to please God, for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”
You will never receive anything from God unless you TRUST in God and believe in Him. But you will receive everything from God if you will trust Him and believe Him.
You must learn to put your FAITH and trust in God and His Word and not in your circumstances because the Word of God will never change. Your circumstances and situations can and will change if we put our faith and trust in God and His Word.
God loves you and wants to bless you, but it all comes by FAITH, not by worry! By faith, you can receive the miracle you are seeking!

“Not Guilty” Verdict Reached!

I am writing you regarding my husband.  He was facing life in prison (if convicted) of a crime he didn’t do.  Last year when my husband went to trial he had a hung jury, the 2nd time he was going to trial on the same case.  I just happen to turn my television and there you were with the Spring Miracle Water.  I called your number and you sent the spring miracle water.  The next day I went to court with my husband and I began to anoint the court room, a few days later the jury deliberated and came up and read the verdict “NOT GUILTY” all the 12 jurors.  Thank you Jesus it was God working through you to reach my husband to perform this Miracle.

–Sis Cater, WA

Debt Cancelled in Texas!

Rev Popoff, I have been corresponding with you for over a year now and I obey whatever instructions you tell me to do. I want to give my testimony: I requested you to pray that my home would not be foreclosed on but be sold.  After 6 mos. of putting the home for sale it was sold.  We received a formal letter from the bank: debt cancellation of $97,938.29. I also remember I requested you to pray: that I find a job here in my new place. Presently my husband and I are both working with a much better and higher salary than what we had.  Indeed, God takes care of his children. Rev. Popoff once again I thank you for your prayers and guidance. Your letters serve as an inspiration to me in my life’s journey here on earth.

–Sis. A., TX

Dear Peter Popoff, I’m writing you to tell you your praying is working. Today is Friday 4/9/10. I was sitting down in my backyard when a UPS man came, he had a big letter for me. I opened it. It was a check for $34, 500.00 ! I couldn’t believe it. My mouth was on the floor. I said it can’t be. I’ve never heard of this person. Said the check was made out to me. I won a lump sum of money and I had some more coming to me.

–Sis M.P., LA