New Baby Coming!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayer and help. My friend’s wife is having a baby! Thanks to you and God for all your prayers. They tried for years to have a baby and nothing. As soon as I ask you to prayer for them, a month later she was pregnant.  Thank you again for your prayers.

–S F., Bronx, NY

Saved from Eviction!

Rev. Popoff, I could not believe it happened to me.  Recently I received a large sum of money, just as I was being evicted.  That just about caught me up. . . I am very grateful for what I have received.  You said I would be receiving a monthly income.  Well 2 months ago I was approved for state help $200.00 a month for 6 months.

–Sis M. C., New Haven, CT

Received More Than Enough To Cover Bills!

Brother Popoff, I returned home and I got the Psalm 91 card you sent me and I went outside to wave it across my rear and front door and all around my house inside.  I read it and I was walking and praying. I said I need $200 for my tithes, $113 for my furniture, $210 for my car payment $63 for Century Link and $30 for gas.  I only had $930 to cover my house note.  I began to keep praying and I felt the anointing all over me.  I received a check for $1,000 from my daughter in law.  Amazing God did not only give me enough to cover my bills but money left over for a savings account.  Praise God.

–Sis W. M. Cape Coral, FL

Business Prospered!

Rev. Popoff, I started corresponding with you in August of 2009 and since that time you have given me specific instructions on how to get our prayers answered, and Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, they have been and are still being answered to this day! My testimony is that my Husband’s business picked up so fast, that all he has time for now is to go to church, sleep and eat, Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! He is worthy to be praised always. We were also blessed to keep our home by getting a loan modification from the same bank that our mortgage is housed. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless His work in you with helping others.

–Sis Unique, Marietta, GA

Relationships Healed!

Brother Popoff, my son has changed as much as I have. He even talks about God!!  I pray for him everyday. He’s been so wonderful to me. We didn’t see each other (not even his wife and 3 children) for 9 months. I truly nearly had a mental breakdown. By contacting your ministry and following your guidance and praying and listening to God, we’re really working on our relationship. I’m so thankful and counting my blessings daily. The joy in my heart for my son and his family sharing their lives with me is awesome

–Sis. S. C., Ponca City, OK

Life-Changing Blessings!

This ministry has definitely changed my life. I have learned to give a lot and I have learned to pay my tithe, offering and vows on time Amen. God loves a cheerful giver. Giving to help someone around the world that is less fortunate is such a blessing. As Prophet Peter Popoff, a great man indeed, instructed me to do everything that he says to do, my situation changed for the better, Glory to God in the highest. I went for my driver’s license and I passed.  I ‘m no longer depressed. I got a new job, I got my certificate in school, I am now volunteering in the hospital, I am going to church more than ever now.  So much is going on in my life, all positive results. Amen. Who is the doer of all this?  God is but His Word says when you obey His Prophets you will surely prosper. Everything will become good in your life just obey.

–Sis. L. S., Brooklyn, NY

Part 2 Supernatural Debt Cancellation (article from the desk of Rev. Peter Popoff)

God wants you to be debt-free.  That was the message that Elizabeth and I proclaimed during the latest series of telecasts that we made.  I felt in my heart that the body of Christ is going to witness many mighty miracles, but one of the greatest miracles we will see is supernatural debt cancellation.  How can anyone know that it is God’s will for you to live an abundant life unless someone tells them.  And that is what Elizabeth and I did is proclaim freedom and liberty of all bondage.  I really feel that this upcoming series of TV programs that will air in the coming months will make a tremendous impact on the world.  Nations are actually crumbling because of debt loads that have gone crazy.  Governments are going broke.  But, God’s message is:  “I have come so you may have life and life more abundantly…” .  The world is looking for a solution, for an answer.  I believe the answer is believe in the Lord and then obey him.  The people of God are going to experience their finest hour.  The whole world is going to see the blessing and favor of God upon his people.  What truly momentous moment we live in.

United in the Spirit and Love of Jesus,

Peter Popoff 


Part 1 Supernatural Debt Cancellation (article from the desk of Rev. Peter Popoff)

There is no doubt about it, miracle debt cancellation is taught in God’s holy word.  In ancient Israel, all debts were forgiven every seven years.  Today, when the world is a wash in debt, the need for this message is more critical than ever.  Not only did God send his servant to a woman who was about to see both of her sons sold into slavery, but when she received the message of God’s servant, she saw a supernatural miracle of debt cancellation (see 2 Kings 4).  The prophet of God, Elisha asked her what do you have in your house.  She said I just have a small pot of oil.  In every instance in God’s word where a mighty miracle was performed, God had to have something to work with.  God always asks us, “what do you have?”  Is doesn’t matter if it is insignificant or small, what do you have?  He told the woman to go out and borrow pots (vessels).  He wanted her to think big just like God wants us to think big.  God always has big dreams for us.  Then he told the woman to pour the oil she had into the borrowed vessels.  She kept pouring until all of the vessels were filled.  Then he told her to go and sell the oil, pay her debts and you can live on the money for the rest of her life.  Not only were her debts cancelled, but her sons were delivered from slavery and she was set up for the rest of her life.

United in the Spirit and Love of Jesus,

Peter Popoff


I want someone to challenge me on what I am going to proclaim:
GOD IS MY ONLY SOURCE!! Do you believe that?
There are many barriers that keep us from money and prosperity. Stan, and even “well-meaning” Christians, will try to keep us from prosperity. But I know one thing is true: My God is my source for everything!
People, even friends, will try to keep our attentions off of God; and on your particular monetary situation. But that’s not God’s plan. This is YOUR time! You must KNOW that God is your only SOURCE.
You must know where you money comes from: “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God.” (2 Corinthians 3:5)
Did you know that the very first prayer you probably prayed, you already claimed God as your source?
Sowing and reaping requires you to think of God only as your source.
“But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree, planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.” (Psalm 1:2-3)
Do you believe God is our source of prosperity?

He received $1933.89 from an unexpected source!

Pastor Popoff, you told me that I would receive some money from an unexpected source, and you believed it was somewhere between $1900.00 or $19000.00.  A few weeks later I received a check for $1933.89 from that unexpected source!  I thank God for His blessing.  Thank you Jesus for your grace and mercy.

–Bro. R. P., Oakland, CA