Over $8,000.00 Received!

To God be the glory. You told me that I will receive a sum of money over $7,000.00 and I did! I thank God and I thank you for being my prophet and my friend. I received a sum over $8,000.00. I received a letter from Social Security about my son, which has been deceased for 10 yrs. They told me they owe him back pay, from his father who is also deceased so I was next in line to receive it. I gave God His first, then I paid some bills off and fixed my car. Again I thank God and you.

–Sis. H., Murfeesboro, NC

Blessed to receive $140,000.00!

Since your Ministry came into my life and I started receiving letters, life has changed. Everything you wrote is coming true. You sent me the Anointed Cloth and I wore it as told to do. Since I sowed my first seed offering to the Ministry everything in that letter is coming true. I lost my mother in February and about a week ago I received a letter from an insurance company and I was the beneficiary of it. I didn’t even know about this policy! You told me in the Anointed Cloth letter that a large amount of money was coming to me and by the Grace of God it is… for $50,000!  I should receive it by the end of this month. God has already blessed me with $90,000 from another insurance policy. Everything God has showed you about me is true.

–Sis. K. J., Brunswick, GA

Money is knocking at her door!

I am truly grateful for the great faith I have built in my heart due to your support through your letters. I’ve inherited my grandma’s house and now am taking care of her and getting paid.  I have 3 new babysitting jobs.  Money is knocking at my door and prosperity is really happening just like you said.  I am clean and sober today and my bipolar symptoms have seemed to vanish. WOW is all I can say! 

–Sis K. F., Romulus, MI

Headache Immediately Healed!

I really want to thank you for your prayers and most of all your miracle spring water. Last Wednesday night at about 2am I had a terrible headache in bed. I awoke out of my sleep by this headache all over my left side of my head. I suddenly remembered that I had a packet of the miracle spring water I used it to anoint my head all over.  Praise God, immediately my headache disappeared. It was certainly a miracle. I shall forever continue using the miracle spring water God bless you and this ministry, surely the Lord is blessing you!

–sister F. G.,  New Haven, CT

Positive Changes!

Peter I believe God has made a change in my life for good because I know my faith has become

stronger and I thank you so much for helping me to keep focused.  Since we became faith partners I am so much happier and I feel positive about my self.  I feel blessed to know God looks out for His children and He is my Savior and God has made a change in me amen.  Peter I look forward to getting your letters because they inspire me and they show me things about myself and other people and they keep me thinking of God all the time.  Peter you really are very special to me and I am very thankful to have you as my prophet.

–Sis E. W., Wichita, KS

Legal Difficulties Resolved!

Thank you for your help and blessing on me. You were praying for my nephew now the Lord is bringing him home from prison. He got his parole, I’m so thankful. You also prayed for my son, he was on his way to prison and the Lord gave him County Jail time. He’ll be home next month. Thank you very much. I also asked you to pray I stay on Section 8 now they added my daughter on and I’m keeping my Section 8, thank you.  I don’t have to move now I can stay where I am. Thank you pastor Popoff for all your help and support I love you very much. Keep us in your prayer.

–Sis. B. B., Ypilanti, MI