Amount due: $0.00!

Rev. Popoff I’m so happy Praise the Lord! I went to get my $471.00 medication at the drug store, when they put it in it came up $3.30. I said are you sure? They said yes. Also, my electric bill came it said Amount Due $.00. I went to the car sat there for awhile giving thanks to God. It was nothing but the spirit of the Lord. After not having to pay $471.00 I was able to pay my car insurance, make a payment to my doctor and was able to get a little shopping done. Thank you God!
–C. Feliciano, Camden, DE

Blessed with a 4 bedroom house on 5 acres after bankruptcy!

I received your miracle spring water last fall. I held it in the palm of my hand and my 9 and 10 year old grandchildren covered it with their hands as we prayed and wrote down things we would like to change. On December 21st I was delivered from pain medication and on March 11th we closed on a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with an in-ground pool and 5 acres after 3 years of Chapter 7 bankruptcy! I am here (at the Birmingham crusade) because I want my mother to receive the same blessing and I know only God can do it!
–Sis. S. Henderson, Altoona, AL

20 year prison sentenced reduced to 6 years!

I am writing today to thank you for your letters and continuous prayer. I was almost ready to give up. I was feeling like I was forgotten and that my prayers just were not being heard. But it seems as though He heard me and sent you to let me know not to give up yet and that my time is approaching. That gave me confirmation that he can hear my prayers and that he always answers right on time! Thank you for the prayers for my cousin, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison and since I’ve been praying with you his sentenced was reduced to 6-7 years!! Thank you Jesus!! I honestly don’t think this would be possible without prayers.
–Sis. B. J., Orlando, FL

God made it possible!

Dear Brother Popoff, Thank you for your letters and prayers.  I was in a deep depression and your letters lifted me up.  You told me God will bless me in the month of June 6th- June 31st.  You gave me some steps to follow to activate my faith which I followed.  On June 14th I received a check for $775.00.  Thank the Father in heaven!  My granddaughter will be getting married and I did not think I would be able to attend her wedding.  They live in Connecticut, I live in Georgia and don’t have a job, but God made it possible! Thank you and your prayers.  I really appreciate your personal letters and spiritual counseling.

–Sis. Y. Morris, Jackson, GA

Medical expenses paid

Since I have been writing you great things have happened to me.  I have received small blessings in the mail.  I read your first letter and I did what you told me to do with the salt.  I had been seeing so many doctors when I fell and couldn’t walk for over 2 months.  I asked you to pray for me and now I am walking!  I had so many doctor bills pouring in with a high deductable of $2,500.00.  I was at the point where I was going to stop my follow-up visits because I couldn’t pay the deductable.  After writing to you I had a bunch of doctor bills come in the mail.  I opened the three letters and I couldn’t believe it, all I could say was Praise the Lord!  My Insurance had paid over $3000.00 without me paying my deductable!  I was left with about only $220.00 to pay out of pocket. 

–Sis. J. Simmons, Vero Beach, FL

Enemy forced out and peace is restored!

Rev. Peter Popoff, I thank you and your prayer team for bringing situations to good endings.  My son is free of all legal problems.  Just as you promised me I have peace in my home once the enemy was forced out.  You constantly wrote me and told me there was an evil spirit that spends a lot of time in my kitchen.  You were so right.  Well the evil spirit has been pushed out.  I thank you so much and I know all things are possible and you are a true man of your word.  Thank you Jesus.

–Sis T. Bowens, Homestead, FL

Renewed Faith!

In the Fall of 2006, I fell to brain cancer. I had lost a great deal of my memory. I had to learn to speak, walk, and remember my family and friends all over again. I never forgot God! The devil was after me in my weakening state. I remember calling numerous prayer lines that came on television. That almost led me to losing my faith in the ministries on television.  Just when my eyes filled with tears from sadness you came on television and it was like you were talking to me directly. And I can’t help but to call you and the prayer line. I felt that the Lord himself directed you to me. I want to thank you because if it was not for you touching me that day I might have lost my faith. The next day I walked about the cancer center not in worry of my own healing but prayed for others to be healed. As I became better, I spread the word throughout the cancer center trying to give those who forgot His work of goodness. I prayed morning, evening and all day thru. I pray that God continues to use you to do His work teaching and winning over those who are lost. I love you in Jesus name and may God continue to bless you and yours.

–Sis. E. F., SC

A financial turn-around!!

Thank you so much for praying for me and my needs. I know that it was the Holy Spirit that led me to read your mail. As I began to read, I knew in my whole heart that everything you wrote was the truth. I then began to follow your instructions and I know that people make fun of what you write however, it is the truth. Today I received $2,310.00. My finances were bankrupt. I cannot tell you how deep I had fallen financially. My checking account was overdrawn and I had a lot of things to pay. With this blessing from God, I have a great turn around slowly emerging financially. I appreciate all of your prayers for me and I am looking forward to more and more prosperity during the new days of joy and peace in the Lord. I am sowing a seed and I know that these seeds will grow and take hold in my life financially, spiritually and in every way.

–Sis. B. H., Houston, TX

Relocated to a nicer, more secure home !

Today I had an appointment at our local Social Security office. As you said, I would be getting an extra $200 a month from somewhere. Well I will get an additional $154 a month. Thank God. And something I thought I would never do is move from this house. Guess what? I moved in my new apartment as you said, nicer and more secure! Also Lester has gone to the medical center twice for X-rays and cat-scans of the stomach area. Every test and exam came back negative and Lester says the pain is almost completely gone. Thank God.
–Sis S. S., Orlando, FL

Marital relationship better and closer!

Just as you said my relationship with my wife would be so much better and closer it is happening. My high blood pressure is going down. I got a money blessing just as you said. Everything you have ever prophesied to me always happens just as you say. Thank you and your ministry for praying for me. Thank you for being my best friend and pastor.

–Bro. T. G., Lake Charles, LA