All Charges Miraculously Dropped!

My friend and prophet I am pleased to write you with a praise report. My son is presently working! His salary is $30 per hour. My other son is in the process of selling his book that he has written. I’ve been able to buy some new clothes for myself. I have seen God work miracles for my children. Two of my sons were facing some serious charges. We found out a few weeks ago all the charges have been dismissed two years ago! While we were waiting, God stepped in and did the miracles. The fear that has us bound we have overcome. God had showed me he’s hard at work. God has blessed my life in a great way. I thank you for all the help you have given me through the Holy Spirit.

–Sis. M. Green, Newark, NJ

Answered Prayers

As God has led you to know I was distracted from the Holy Spirit in the year 2004. I was doing fine, going to church, I was a praise warrior. Satan along with workers of iniquity momentarily attacked me. I was back on drugs lonely and confused. This is when God led me to you.  Thank God because a lot of my prayers have been answered. I started back to church; I have new friends. I am clearer on my decisions of who my friends are. I have also not allowed the temptations of Satan stop me from continuing with you in faith. I will not allow the tricks of the enemy Satan nor his wicked devices to get in my way. I know that God loves and forgives me. Thank you for all your righteous prayers.

–Sis. P. Donald-Hogue, Chicago, IL

Received a $3,782.00 Blessing!

Since taking you as my personal prophet, my life has turned around.  My faith is ignited and a spirit of restoration is released in my life.  I have started to find the missing pieces of my complex life.  God is good.  With God nothing is impossible.  He is the strength of my life, thou shalt be blessed.  I was blessed with $2,582.00 through arbitration from OWCP and $1,200.00 from a game of chance.  Praise the Lord.

–Bro. P., Berkely, CA

Neck Rash Healed!

Recently on one of your shows you said that there is a young lady with a bad rash on her neck. You said that the rash is mainly on the left side of her neck. You also said that God is going to heal her neck and that all she needs is faith in God. Well, that young lady is me. When you said that, I sat up and tears started running down my face because I felt and I just knew you were talking about me. Rev. Popoff, within 24hrs my neck started to heal up. I thank God for that.

–Sis. B. J., Jacksonville, FL

Stepped out in faith, finances blessed!

I sincerely thank you and your Ministry for your faithfulness to God and His people. We were at our wits end and one evening I saw your television broadcast and decided to call your 800 number.  Work at my job was down to less than 40 hours a week, but once I stepped out in faith and answered your first letter, thing’s have really picked up. This week in just 4 days of work I already have over 48 hours and it is just Thursday. My job works 6 days a week. Thank you again from the bottom of my and my family’s hearts.

–Bro. H. L., Gulfport, MS

A new home with no costs!

God is great! You corresponded with me through your letters and many things you prophesied to me have come to pass.  Several times you prophesied that some big things were coming my way and they have.  I moved from a 2 bedroom 963 sq. ft. house to a 9 bedroom, 4000 sq. ft. home with 2 kitchens, 3 ½ bath, above ground swimming pool with no money down and no closing costs! Glory to God!  Thanks for your obedience as an oracle of God. That’s not all! God opened the doors 3 weeks later and I now have a new car with no money down! The prophetic word regarding the keychain with Psalms 37:4 has truly come to pass because you sent it and said you were instructed to send the keychain because the keys to your new home and/or car would go on the keychain. Glory to God!!

–Bro. D. C., Hampton, VA

Doctors said his nephew would never recover!

I just received my first miracle. I have a 19 yr old nephew who had taken an overdose of pills. It took him completely out of his mind. He could not talk or walk, he could not feed himself. The doctors said that he would not get any better, ever. But I did what you told me to do; I prayed and asked God to fix this for me.  He is now back to normal! Now that was a miracle to me!  Thank you Jesus!  I give God the Glory. Thank you Peter.

–Bro. S. N., Memphis, TN

Delivered from thoughts of suicide.

Peter, I have to tell you that God opened a door for me to know you, thru the T.V.  I was so convinced that I was going to kill myself and it was a fight between me and my soul because whatever it was wanted me to do a massacre in my home and then finish my life; and something that I don’t understand or explain got me to turn the T.V. on and there you were praying and I had like an instant wake-up call.  I touched the T.V. and you prayed for me. I had sweat soak wet, something was happening to my body at that moment, it’s so hard to understand but it happened to me.  I cried and cried like the day my parents died.  I got out something inside of me that was holding me and I got relief from that prayer from the T.V. to me.  I thank you so much, because I know that without that night I wouldn’t be here writing you this.

–A. G., Milwaukee, WI

Received $1700.00!

I was told by Pastor Popoff that I would receive $1700.00 and one day a check came to me, I don’t remember who or where it came from, but was $1,700 just like he said.  I‘ve been in touch with Pastor Popoff for about 4 years now and my world has changed.  Thank God for Pastor Popoff, I look forward to hearing the word of God through him.

–Sis C. P., Miami, Fl