Daughter’s reports say no more cancer!

Dear Brother Popoff, I wrote you about my daughter who had breast cancer. I received a letter from you with the package of Dead Sea salt enclosed and I followed your direction.  After my daughter received all of her reports there is no cancer in her body!  Thank you for your prayers and thank God for healing of her body.  You also said I was going to receive some money from an unexpected source and I did.  Thank you for praying for me.

–Sis J. M. TX

Two unexpected money blessings!

Rev Peter Popoff, my life has completely changed since you sent me your first letter. I feel all my burdens lifting up and disappearing. Everything that you say is right on the nose. I feel your anointing all through my body. Thank God I made that phone call to you because you’ve been a blessing to me and my family, God has blessed me with two unexpected money blessings. Thank you Jesus I look forward to my rewards from God.  I’ll sow my seeds as you ask. Thank you Rev. Popoff.

–Sis F. W., Saint Louis, MO

Improved health, less stress!

Through your Prophetic words to me I have come to hear God speaking to me.  I’ve learned to not try to change people to what I believe they should be.  My health has improved – I have less stress.  As I read the Bible I now look for what God is saying to me.  Instead of just letting circumstances just run their course – I now have defenses from the word of God.  I feel I have a personal prophet sent from God and much more!

–Sis. V. S., Country Club Hills, IL

Peter Popoff’s Article from Winning Ways Newsletter


How many times has something or someone caused the flames of your faith to flicker?  But yet, God would not allow your flame to go out!  Oh yes, there are times we all get knocked off balance and sometimes even fall.  If you do fall, let me tell you how to land.  Always land on your back looking up… As long as you can look up, YOU CAN GET UP!  Glory!

God’s faith cannot be totally defined because God uses means and methods that are not always logical to the human mind.  You see, the battle we fight is not with human forces that we can see or understand.  It’s against powers and spirits of another world.  These battles cannot be won using human logic or man’s intellect.  No, No!  You must learn to use your faith and God’s Word as your weapons.

 First, let me talk about the evidence of faith.  Paul says, “Faith is the evidence of things not seen.” What he is saying is; you can’t actually see the faith God has placed in my heart, but you can see the evidence of it through my actions.  Here is a good example:

Daddy took little Johnny rabbit hunting.  They came to a small wooded area and daddy said, “Johnny go into the woods and scare the rabbits out and I’ll shoot them.”  After a moment Johnny came running back and said, “Daddy I’m afraid to go into the woods, there’s a bear in there.”  Dad said, “Did you see the bear with your own eyes?”  Johnny said, “No”.  “Then how do you know?” asked dad.  “Look,” said Johnny, “here’s some bear tracks!”

 Those bear tracks were enough evidence.  Anytime you see bear tracks, you may not see the bear but the evidence says there’s a bear somewhere because nothing

leaves “bear tracks” but a bear!  Amen?  You can not see the faith God has placed in my heart, but you can see theevidence of it every time someone leaps out of a wheelchair, walks without their walker, says the cancer is gone, or receives a financial miracle.  Glory!

Paul also says, “Faith is the substance of what you are hoping for:” What he is saying is; your faith must see the “substance” of what you are hoping for.  In other words, your faith will actually paint a picture in your mind of what you are hoping for.  Once you see that new house, new car, or new job, maybe even a real money miracle in your mind… IT’S JUST A MATTER OF TIME!  Your eyes of faith first see the picture in your mind.  Then as you release this faith, you see the substance (or car) parked in your garage.  Or, you are moving into a new home which your faith first saw in your mind.

 My friend, I have stood inside the tomb of Jesus, I saw the cold, barren, empty slab where they placed His body… but He was not there.  All the EVIDENCE said He had passed through there… like the bear tracks…. But, HE WAS GONE!  Now He’s no longer in the cold dead tomb, but alive in the heart of every believer.  Those around you, even those closest to you, cannot see the powerful faith God has placed deep in our heart, but they can see the evidence of it in the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you live!

 Faith is often referred to as “A leap”.  The blind man “leaping up”, stood and walked, etc.  Holy Ghost faith will leap across the gaps in your life.  Gaps between the known and the unknown, the natural and supernatural, the seen and the unseen, the impossible and the possible, where you are and where you want to be!

May God Bless you and Keep you!

United in the Spirit and Love of Jesus,

Peter Popoff

Knee pain miraculously disappeared!

I watch your program and follow the instructions exactly as you give them to me. I know if I follow your instructions to the letter, everything will fall into place. You are a true man of God and everything you’ve told me comes true. You prayed over my knee pain and the pain miraculously disappeared. The power of Prayer is awesome!! You are in California and I am in N.H. and it proves there is no distance in prayer!  

–Bro. T. S.

Price reduced by $13,500!

Many awesome things have happened. I am now living in my townhouse with my children.  You wrote me and told me before this year is over it will happen and it did. I am so blessed and the amazing thing is that the house was reduced $13,500 because the appraisal came out lower than the asking price. I know it was God.  Secondly, out of the blue the lender that was helping me to obtain the loan told me that he would give me $1,390 toward my closing costs. I couldn’t stop thanking God and I thank Him for sending you into my life.

–Sis. P. B., Naugatuck, CT

Set free from addiction!

I got several miracles when I first used the Miracle Spring Water. I was completely delivered from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and cocaine.  Peter, you told me what God was going to do for me. At one time I didn’t seen a way out and I drank the Miracle Spring Water and did what you told me to do and I was set free from all.

–Sis. M. W., Palmdale, CA