Winning Ways Newsletter – a timely message from Peter Popoff

Run with patience the race that is set before you…” Heb. 12:1

Winston Churchill once said, “The nose of the bulldog is slanted backwards so he can breathe without letting go.”  As Christians we need to be known as people of patience and endurance.

    Don’t ever worry about how much money, ability or equipment you are starting with.  No, no!  Just begin with a million dollars worth of determination!  Remember; it’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have that makes all the difference.

    So many “jump in” and start the “good fight of faith” but forget to add patience.  This is why God said, “run with patience”!  We need to be like the postage stamp, STICK TO IT UNTIL IT GETS THERE!  Glory!  Old wise Solomon said, “The person who is diligent (or patient) shall stand before Kings…” (Prov. 22:29)

     Listen to this:  In the Far East the people plant a tree called the Chinese Bamboo.  For the first 4 years they water and fertilize it but see no outward results.  Then in the 5th year they again water and fertilize the tree… and in 5 weeks the Bamboo Tree grows ninety feet tall!  Now, here’s the question; did the tree grow 90 feet tall in five weeks or five years?  The answer is five years.  During the first 4 years, if they would have stopped watering the tree, it would have died!

You keep your dream alive by watering it daily with faith and thanking God for what you have…

   I know there are times in your life when you can’t see any results and you feel like you are stuck in the mud.  But remember the Bamboo Tree and keep pressing on.  The enemy enjoys playing games with your mind.  He tells you nothing is ever going to change and you will never get ahead…

 But never forget, through patience and perseverance the snail reached the Ark just like everyone else.

 Paul said, “You are in a race… RUN IT WITH PATIENCE!”  I was watching the Boston Marathon some time back and I noticed all the runners had one thing in common; they were stripped down for the race.  You simply cannot run at your best all weighted down.  You must “shake off” the weights.

    Sometimes the heaviest weight you carry is other people.  Yes, people will weigh you down until you can hardly move.  Some wives are trying to carry their husbands, some mothers are trying to carry their children.  But, there comes a time in life when you must turn everything and everybody loose and just run your race.

    Talking about “patience”, the little lady with the issue of blood had run out of everything but patience.  In fact, she had been to many doctors and heard the words over and over again “No use trying, you are dying”.  Your patience is what builds your faith.  Like this little lady with the issue of blood YOU MUST PRESS BEYOND YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES!  When everything and everybody around you says no, something deep within you says “Yes, you can!”

  Every morning when you get out of bed, look yourself in the mirror and say, “You can make it!”

You can’t win it if you don’t run!


   I have found the secret of success is “keeping on” even after others have given up!  In the book of Habakkuk 2:3 it promises us, “Your vision (or dream) is for an appointed time.  Though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come.”  Remember, God’s time is not always our time.

Financial needs met for many months to come!

Rev Peter Popoff, you are truly a man of God that has been anointed.  I called many months ago, I was in so much stress trying to take care of my family.  One day when I just didn’t know what to do, I called when I saw you on TV and you have been my inspiration.  You said I would receive a financial blessing of more money than I can imagine.  I did and will be set for many months to come.  I followed all your steps.  Now I will follow your directions to eat the manna cake.  Continue to pray for me and my family, may God continue to be with you.

–Sis M. H. TX

A total life change!

Prophet Peter Popoff, words can never thank you enough.  During the last 8 ¾ years writing to you my whole life has changed.  I am 100% better.  I am a whole person thanks to you.  I used to be shy, nervous, anxious always, but not anymore.  I had shame from child abuse.  I had shyness, feeling not being good enough, etc…gone with your prayers!  I wish that I could have met you long ago; I would have been a better mom, wife, etc….  I am whole because of your prayer.  Thank you.

–Sis. J. F., Oakdale, PA

Delivered from satanic affliction!

Dear Prophet Popoff, I thank God for your prayers for my daughter, she has been delivered from satanic affliction. She doesn’t stay out all night, she calls me when she is on her way home, she now dances every time we have joy night at church or when we go to fellowship at other churches.  She just truly has a different spirit.  It’s the Holy Ghost! Thank you Jesus!

–Sis C. F., Philadelphia, PA