Happy New Year! January, 2011 – A Timely Word from Pastor Peter Popoff…

“… When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man (or adult), I put away my childish things…”  1 Cor. 13:11

In this lesson I want to share with you what it takes to become a “Good Steward” of God’s business.  In the book of Luke Ch. 16 verse 2, Jesus says, “…Give an account of your stewardship.”  I sincerely believe God will only give us what He can trust us with.  And remember, the Bible tells us, “…Where much is given, much is required.” Luke 12:48

As we begin this New Year of 2011 it will bring new challenges to each of us.  The question I ask now is how much and how far do you want to go in life?  On God’s part, He is ready to give you all you can handle.  He has promised more than once that He will not withhold one good thing from you.  But, are you ready to handle it?  The first step to “shaking off” a dead, failed past, and moving into a new and successful tomorrow can be summed up in one word… RESPONSIBILITY!

Being responsible for what God has already given you determines what God will give you.  Wise handling, right decisions, right connections, dealing with hard times, and coming through where others failed, this is the kind of responsibility that leads to spiritual maturity.  There are certain “good common sense” changes you can make within yourself and God expects this.  You don’t need to hear a voice from a burning bush to lend a hand to someone who has fallen.  Or, hear a voice speak from a cloud to give food to someone who is hungry.  All you need is good common sense and a heart of love.  Paul is exhorting us to become mature Christians.  Maturity, or spiritual growth, only comes through responsibility.

 Paul declares, a child speaks as, understands as, and thinks as a child.  However, there comes a time in life to “put away” childish things and ways and simply GROW UP!  Realize one thing; there are no “short-cuts” to maturity, success, and stewardship.  There is a certain process we must all go through.  Like the new born babe who first learns to roll over, crawl, pull up, and fall, maybe fall many times before it learns to stand on its own two feet and walk.  If a baby had to learn to walk without ever falling, it would never walk.  Are you getting this?  Spiritual maturity that leads to good stewardship and successful living is the same learning process.

  It’s impossible to grow into a mature state of mind without making the necessary changes from childhood to adulthood.  An adult no longer sees the world through the eyes of a child.  We not only become adult physically… but mentally and spiritually.  From irresponsibility to responsibility, from being a follower to a leader!  This always comes in 3 steps… from being totally dependent on others for everything… to being independent, doing things for yourself, and finally, if you are smart, becoming inter-independent; being able to share your gifts and talents, without intimidation or jealousy, with others who are equally as talented.  Realizing the old saying, 2 heads are better than one.  Bill Gates is the best example, the richest man in the world.  His formula; surround yourself with smart people.  People who are still in the crawling stages cannot and will not help you run. And, you are in a race!

   This brings us to the “Basic Ingredient” of spiritual growth and success.  The key word is “self-discipline”.  You will never accomplish anything without it.  Simply said, SUCCESS COSTS WHAT IT COSTS!  Notice this:  the word “discipline” comes from the Greek word “Gym-nat-su”.  It sounds like gymnastic and basically means the same thing; developing your muscles.  Please save this teaching, I will continue in my next news letter… Believe me, this teaching will help you to grow and achieve.

December Testimonies

Letters bring peace

 When I saw you Rev. Popoff on T.V., I felt such a relief come over me. I knew then I wanted to become a born again Christian. Pastor when my husband was laid off of work for a year it was your letters that helped us not to stress over our bills. Thank God he found a new job and makes enough to pay for our bills. Since I babysit my grandchildren, I make ends meet. Pastor, I truly appreciate all your prayers on behalf of my family.

–Sis. E.  D., Illinois

Money for furniture!

Prophet, you said you saw empty rooms in my home.  I needed furniture for living room, dining room and bedroom.  A job I left over a year ago called and said when they reviewed their books, they owed me 2 paychecks!  I bought furniture!  Praise God.  Thank you and God bless you and your staff.

–Sis. V. Carter, Buena Park, CA

Cabinets are full!

I would like to thank you for letting God use you to help me; you are a real man of God. I was down to ½ bag of rice and a can of peas in my cabinet. I had gone without food for almost two weeks I received a letter from you encouraging me to have faith and believe the unexpected and I did. The next 2 days I received food in my house and my cabinet and refrigerator is full with food. I am not worried about food anymore. Please continue to be a part of my life.

–Sis. P. Miles, Fort Valley, GA

A Word at Christmas Time from Pastor Peter Popoff…

“…Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call Him Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us…” Matt. 1:32

Christmas is a time of celebration.  Gifts will be wrapped in colorful paper and expensive bows.  It’s amazing how much money will be spent just on the wrappings.  A Shirt that doesn’t fit… A tie that will not be worn… Or a“what-not” that will wind up in the closet.  But, when God gave us His greatest gift, He wrapped Him in simple sackcloth and placed Him in a lowly manger (a stable).  This is the child who would one day stand before the Pharisees and say, “A greater than Solomon is here.” Luke 11:31

Let’s examine this for a moment.  The Temple which Solomon built was the most beautiful building the world had ever seen and probably would be still today.  Over 183,000 men were used to build it.  Every timber and stone was properly cut to fit snugly in its place before it was delivered to the building site.  In fact, while the building was going on, neither hammer, ax, or any tool of iron could be heard in the house.  Today, modern architects estimate the cost of that building to be over eighty billion dollars

Solomon was born in a beautiful Palace… Jesus was born in a barn.  Solomon came from the great city of Jerusalem… Jesus came from an obscure village.  Solomon would drink from vessels made of gold… Jesus would be refused a drink from a Samaritan harlot.  So, who was this child the wise men sought out to lay strange and unusual gifts at His feet?  Who gives Frankincense to a newborn babe… Or myrrh, which was used in embalming?  The Gold we can understand.  The other gifts were a mystery.  This is why the wise men were… WISE. (smile)  They knew how to give.

 In fact, human language falls short of who and all He was.  You can name any great person you desire, and

someone will come up with another who is just as great.  For Presidents, say Abraham Lincoln, and someone will say John F. Kennedy or Franklin D. Roosevelt… For entertainers say Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley and someone else will say Ray Charles… For prize fighters say Rocky Marciano and someone will say Mohammad Ali.  You can always find one person to compare with another.  BUT, when you say JESUS, HE STANDS ALONE!  Unique, August and Supreme!  No comparisons even come close!  No wonder Isaiah said, “His name shall be called Wonderful!” Is. 9:6

  Think about this: In the beginning, when God created Adam, (He was the created son) His spirit overshadowed the earth and the earth became impregnated and gave God His Earthly son.  Likewise, when God wanted a Spiritual family, His spirit overshadowed an unknown virgin and she would give God His Spiritual son. (the begotten son) In fact, if Christmas proves anything, it celebrates the fact that a virgin who had never been with a man broke all the laws of genetics and nature and gave birth.   This is the one miracle of the Holy Bible where there can be no compromise!

 Another fact: The Greeks, Romans, and French Revolutionists all tried to date time and calandarize the world in their own way.  All failed… But what none could do, Jesus did!  Cradled in a lowly stable, God wrapped time and eternity around that manger.  Today, every newspaper printed, every deed recorded, every check written, every monument erected, and every letter dated, testify to His birth in that stable.  We are living in the year 2010 A.D. And let me tell you A. D. doesn’t mean After Death.  No, No!  It means in the year of our Lord!  Glory!  I don’t care what your religion or politics may be; if you sign a check or file a deed in 2010 A.D. it means you have recognized His birth.  So, I say to you today, PEACE ON EARTH AND GOOD WILL TOWARD ALL MEN… With Love at Christmas!  Peter Popoff