Partner Testimony

“The money miracle that you foretold has come in.  You told me that a big money miracle no less then $35,000 will come in followed by others.  Well I received a sum of $65,424.00 today.  Glory be to God.  That sum wiped out all my debts and I am debt free at last. My gratitude to the Lord and you, His servant for delivering me from anxiety, stress and worry.  The Lord is birthing a new faith in my heart due to your prayers” –I E.D., Surrey, B.C. CANADA

Partner Testimony

“I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers.  I had surgery on my neck and I was hit with a bill for over 65,000 dollars and you told me that the Lord would take care of it and he did.  I got a letter saying that the entire debt was paid off and I know it was no one but God.  God bless you and your family.  Please keep praying for me.” –Sis B. L Beverly Hills, Fl

$800 gas bill miraculously paid in full!

One night while laying in my bed in pain from my head down to my feet and having some financial problems I was watching the word station and I saw a prophet who asked people if they need prayer of debt cancellation to call the phone number on the bottom of the TV screen.  Since calling your number my life has been steady changing every day.  I was having problems on my job where everyone was getting promotions except for me.  I asked the Lord Jesus to remove me from this evil place and he did just that.  I left that job on a Tuesday and walked on my brand new job the very next day!  Also, I had an $800 gas bill and the gas company sent me a letter stating that I didn’t owe any money on this bill.  The $800 gas bill had been pain in full.  I am very thankful to God that I was able to catch your TV show that night. 

–Sis M. F. Washington, DC

Pain in shoulder and neck healed!

I believe in you and I love you and your wife.  I know things won’t change overnight but God is turning things around and I thank him for it.  He is directing my life.  Thank you for the miracle blessing in my life.  I have your golden miracle prayer chain and I’m wearing it.  I was hurting on my shoulder and neck, I put the chain around my neck and thank God it stopped hurting!   

–Sis. M. M., Suffolk, VA

Health restored and victory in court case!

I was going through a very bad time in my life. I was so sick. One doctor told me if he put me in the hospital they were going to cut off my foot. All the prayers you sent me, helped and I am well. I got my 2 houses back. I won my case in court. Now I am the head and not the tail, as you tell me. Thank you again and again. I see you on tv everyday.
–Sis E.B. Brooklyn, NY