A New Car With No Money Down!

Since you came in my life, I have been blessed abundantly.  I just received a letter in the mail, you said something very BIG is going to happen and it did!  I went and test drove my dream car that same night I applied for it and I was approved the next day, with no down payment and low note!  Hallelujah, God said it and did it!

–Sis A. Johnson, Olive Branch, MS

Immediate Miracles!

Pastor Popoff, your letters don’t give me time to sit around and wait because the day, evening or night I obey God and mail (following your instructions) the letter back, that next day the miracle happens!  I needed an SSI attorney.  The next day, I got one!  You told me I would be getting approximately $600.  It came to pass.  I did!

–Sis. J Hardy, New York, NY

Charges Dropped!

Since becoming a part of this ministry, I’ve been approved for my disability.  My wife had a case in the town we live in, and after praying and asking your ministry for prayer to keep her out of jail, I got a call from her Public Defender and he said that a case she had had been dropped or dismissed.  So thanks for your prayer for us.  God is a lawyer in a courtroom and a rewarder to those who diligently seek him.  Thank you so much!

–Bro. R. Bynum, North Port, FL