Blessing after blessing

Recently I moved to a brand new home, right after you said I would and I also came back in contact with a lot of old acquaintances and a few new friends as well. When you told me this I thought to myself who could that be and where would I be moving, not having a job and all, but everything has come to pass except for a new car, but I am blessed with a car that is already paid for. Today was the greatest news ever, state charges against my Lic. was given amnesty and cleared all those charges except for 100.00 dollars, but I will take it that’s better than 12,000.00.  God is Good. Thanks for all your prayers as I continue my partnership with the church, keep your prayers coming. God Bless you and your family and Take Care.

— Victoria Stribling, Richmond, TX (via facebook)

March, 2011 Testimony

God blessed me with $20,800.00 I know you told me the dates that I will receive a financial blessing from the Lord and I did. Thank you for your prayers I will continue to keep in touch with you, I have enough to pay off my bills, I thank God for leading me to watch your program.

–Br M. T., Palm Bay FL

March, 2011 Testimony

I prayed for my close friend of 15 years, for God to touch him so that he could stop using heroin. I also asked you to pray with me.  Now after 18 years of using drugs, he is drug free!  Thank you Jesus!  I am also drug free!   Amen!  I know God has a lot planned for me, so I’m waiting for all my blessings and miracles!

–Sis. K. D., Baltimore, MD

A march Testimony

You wrote to me and told me to mark a few dates on my calendar for God would bless me financially on those days and just like you mentioned, God blessed me with 2,339 dollars. Thank you for your persistent prayer

 –Sis. O. W., Pensacola, FL