Delivered From Crack Addiction!

I have been smoking crack off and on now for over a year. I have been praying to quit. I received one of your anointed letters and after reading it, I have been delivered. Not only does the smell disgust me but being around anything or one associated with crack disgusts me. Thank you Prophet. I love you.

–Sis M. L., Austin TX

The first miracle depends on you!

“… And the mother of Jesus said, whatever He tells you to do, just do it…”    John 2:5

The big question is, if the servants had not obeyed Jesus and filled the 6 water pots with water, WOULD HE HAVE TURNED THE WATER INTO WINE?  And, that’s a good question.  First, I don’t believe Jesus just happened to be at that wedding.  No, No!  In fact, if you follow in His tracks, everywhere He went He had a reason and purpose for being there.

The wedding was in full swing, everything seemed to be going great until the host ran out of wine.  The host was embarrassed, the celebration was in trouble.  The mother of Jesus spoke to Him and said, “They are out of wine.” v. 3.  Now, I suggest to you there is more than one reason Jesus was about to work His first miracle.

FIRST: His disciples were with Him, all new in the ministry and maybe He felt they needed something to “Jump-Start” their faith.  Like turning plain, simplewater into vintage wine… something that had never been done before.  Just like He takes plain simple, ordinary people and turns them into pillars of faith.  The truth is, you don’t have to be born great or have a title behind your name for God to use you.  You see, we serve a God Who specializes in turning your test into a testimony… and your mess into a miracle, Amen?

 Consider David, a simple shepherd boy, becoming the greatest king of Israel… Or Moses, a babe drawn from the Nile River, a murderer and an outcast, leading 3 million people through the Red Sea… Or Jeptha, son of a harlot, some say an illegitimate child, leading the armies of God to victory.  Can I stop for a moment and say something here?  THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN! There may be illegitimate parents, but not the children.  Every child is born with purpose and destiny.  Period!  Every child is God’s creation and possesses God-given talents…

 SECOND REASON FOR THE MIRACLE:  Was to show us that nothing is ever as bad as it first appears.  Very calmly He said, “… Fill the water pots with water…” v.7.  This almost sounded like blasphemy to the young men.  They went to His mother for advice.  In other words, “We don’t want to get in trouble, this doesn’t make sense.”  His mother could have very easily said to the young men, “…I don’t always understand Him myself, but just do what He tells you to do; it always seems to come out right…”

 My Friend, the lesson here is: you don’t have to understand HOW God is going to do something to believe He’s going to do it.  Understand this: “His ways are past finding out!”  Glory!  Believe me, He knows when you have gone through enough, had enough, and have been stretched to your limit.  HE KNOWS WHEN TO STEP IN!  I’m sure your problem is not “…Running out of wine…”  But, maybe you just got some bad news from your doctor, or the husband has walked out and left you and the children… the landlord says “Pay up or get out”, the wolf is at the door, no money to pay the mounting bills… and you are left sitting looking at “empty water pots so-to-speak”

This is when Jesus loves to step in and say, “…Don’t give up… Get up, and fill your pots with water and leave the rest to Me!”  Think of the song Andre Crouch wrote, “If we never had any problems, we wouldn’t know God could solve them.”  When your back is against the wall and there seems to be no way out, don’t panic.  Get a good, deep Holy Ghost breath and say, “…If God be for me, who can be against me?”  I have discovered that most mistakes are made when the crisis first hits.  The secret is to stay calm, cool and collected… You are not the first one to ever go through this, Amen?

 This is when you really learn, “All Things work together for good, if you love the Lord.”  Take time every day to look up and whisper, “… I LOVE YOU JESUS!”… And you will see your water turned into wine…

April, 2011 – A Timely Word from Pastor Peter Popoff…

“… Jesus saw him lying there and knew how long he had been in that condition, and He said unto him, do you want to be made whole?”   John 5:6

There is a lesson in this story for all of us.  It doesn’t matter what your condition or circumstances are, or how long you have been wrestling with them, THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT!  Here is a man who had been very sick for 38 years.  Now the Bible doesn’t say he had been lying by the pool for 38 years, no, no!  Like the woman with the issue of blood he may have tried many different things to get help.  But when he heard about the Angel troubling the waters at the pool of Bethesda he made his way to the pool.  He was somewhat of a believer.

      Each of us must learn to deal with life in our own way.  There will always be broken places, places of heartache, conflict, struggle, sickness, and depression.  And, the answers we are searching for don’t always come quickly.  The lady with the issue of blood struggled 12 years.  This man had wrestled with his problem for 38 years.  So, don’t get discouraged because some of your most needful prayers haven’t yet been answered.  A delayed prayer doesn’t mean a denied prayer!  Realize one thing: God’s answer is not always “YES” or “NO”!  Sometimes it’s “Not yet, things are not just right at this moment.”

     How many times in my meetings have I looked into a face filled with hurt and despair, knowing that this person may have gone through hell and back?  Yet, they were still searching for answers to their problem.  Never forget this: regardless of what causes you to stumble and fall, the important thing is YOU GET BACK UP!  How many times had this man felt like giving up in 38 years?  Only God knows.  But, he didn’t give up.  He kept getting up and coming back!  How many people had beaten him into the pool because he was a little slower?   

      Jesus came to the pool and saw this man lying there.  This man had tried many times to get into the water while it was troubled but there was always someone a little faster and stronger that beat him.  My friend, how many times have you tried to do something and failed?  And it seemed like there was always someone a little faster, smarter, had more money, or maybe knew someone who knew someone?  This is when the devil starts playing tricks with your mind.  He tells you “It’s not for you…” Or, “Don’t get your hopes up…” Or maybe, “No one in your family has ever done this or had this.”  Remember, he’s a liar!

       Around this pool the porches were filled with hurting, sick, and desperate people.  This man was not in the boat by himself.  There was a reason Jesus was drawn to this man.  Jesus knew he was READY TO GET UP!  When you really make up your mind to get up… NOTHING OR NOBODY CAN HOLD YOU DOWN!  Jesus asked him, “Do you want to be made whole?”  The man said, “I don’t have anyone to help me up.”  Evidently he had been waiting for some Good Samaritan to pick him up and put him in the water.  I’m sure you know if you depend on somebody to help you, many times you will be let down.  Only God can pick you up and keep you up.

      Jesus spoke and said, “Rise up, pick up your bed, and get on with your life!”  The man immediately got up, picked up his flea-ridden bed and was healed.  He left the pool stepping around and over people like a blind horse in a pumpkin patch!  Now, the question is: if all he had to do to be made whole was get up, why hadn’t he done this before?  Well, he didn’t just “Get up” no, no!  What happened to him was he responded to the Word of The Lord.  He didn’t get up until Jesus said “Get up!” 
All of  his life he had listened to the wrong people and looked in the wrong places for his help.

      Today my friend, it doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, or how long you have wrestled with your problem, you have what it takes to rise above your problem! GOD IS SAYING YOU CAN GET UP!  Glory!