Everything you said to me a long time ago happened now. My God blessed me with $1,025,000 USD. A Canadian lady who resided in Benin Africa, and is dying of cancer said God revealed to her before she dies she can give this money to me. She is in a hospital in London, a Christian lady, who was rejected by her family because she married a foreign man. She does not have a child. I could not believe it. I was in shock. I even refused to take the money but the lady insisted. She told me it was a blessing from God. She told me to clean all my debts and with the rest of the money to help the people in need in Africa. It is a big responsibility. All things you told me, they have happened. You are a truly man of God.
–Sis. M., Castleford, UK

Peter, you wrote me and told me my mom would see healing in her mental illness. I see God moving in her and her situation. She said for the first time since I’ve known her, “I don’t need these meds” God is great.
–Sis S. Williams, New Britain, CT

Praise God!

Yes Peter Popoff you do know me, I reached out to you for help fighting drug addiction for over 30 years of my life, with your prayer and other saints prayer I am free of drug addiction, free for 6 years now thank God for you Peter.
–Bro. Robert. Mcclellan, Snellville, GA

Praise Report

You wrote that during the 40 days something great will happen. On the 2nd day I received an answer to my prayer. I asked you to pray for me to get the money to get my car insurance reinstated. I received $2,500.00 on that day! Thank you Jesus! It was so wonderful!
–Sis. R. Hurt, Baltimore, MD