Praise God!

What an awesome God he is and I am praising
him for making this happen in my life. I opened an envelope from a hospital
that I owed over $7,000 for services. I put in an application for hardship not
thinking it would become of anything and getting myself prepared for some kind
of payment plan. After opening up the letter it said “the Committee has
reviewed the application and approves the request 100%. The balances of
$7,594.73 will be adjusted to $0.” Talk about debt cancellation, that is a
serious one. Thank you Peter Popoff for the intercession.

–Sis. G. S., Waterbury,

Diabetes healed!

Peter, when you touched my forehead in
Boston, MA for my diabetes, you and God healed me.  When I went back to the doctor, he said, “You
are healed from your head to your feet and your arthritis and the hammertoe.”  I am saying be the stripes of God, I am

–Sis. M. P., Bridgeport, CT

God is never late!

My water was cut off.  I called, they prayed with me and as soon as
I put the phone down someone called me and said “how much do you need”?  I told them how much and said anything would
do.  I picked up the envelope and looked
inside and all the money I needed for the water bill was there.  I thank God for His mercy, His love, His
partnership, prayer partners.  God may
not be there when we want Him to, but he is and always will be on time.  I thank God in advance for my debt

–Sis. M ., Grifton, NC