Financial Blessing!

Rev Popoff – God has
and is awesome.  Thank you Peter and
Father!!! My shoulders are healed!  Looks
like we will be moving as the good Lord is helping us big time on ABSOLUTELY
EVERYTHING!  I was blessed with
$41,039.77 and I also won $3,000.00.Thank you for your prayers and may God
bless you as you continue to work for all of us”

–Tara M., Hope, B.C.

Car paid in full!

Rev Popoff! All your
letters to me are so precious and I thank you.
I prayed for a car with you and a few days ago a received a car paid in
full.  Thank you and God for the

–Irene B.,
Sherbrooke, QC

Leg healed – No more cane!

Dear Prophet, Praise
God as he sent you to me.  I don’t know
how to say thank you enough.  I asked
that you pray for my leg and it is healed.
I went to my doctor the day after you were in Tampa and he said the leg
is healed and I have no need for a cane now. My brother and I both cried in

B.,   Tampa Florida