Financial blessings!!

Your first letter stated I would receive $1-$19,000.  God supernaturally wiped away my second mortgage of $17,000 and someone loaned me $1,500, totaling almost $19,000.  First I didn’t think it was possible, so please forgive me and may God continue to bless you immensely.

–Sis. K. H., North Lauderdale, FL

God’s Healing Miracles!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2005. My last mammogram was August 6, 2012 and I am CANCER FREE!  Also I was taking medications since I was 21 years old because I had high blood pressure. Now I am 60 years old and my blood pressure is normal. Thank God for you and for your prayers and spring water.

–Sis. J. A., Inkster, MI

Prosperity Blessings from God!

Today I was at school and decided to call the bank.  When I called my account, it was amazing.  I was supposed to get $1,100.00 on the first but instead it said $2,800.00.  I couldn’t believe this and I still can’t.  Thank you for all your prayers and dedication to me and family.

–Sis. C. B., Austin, TX

Testimony to God’s power!

My brother whom we’ve been praying for called to say that upon his return visit to the doctor they were unable to find cancer in his prostate and asked me to tell you all he’s so thankful for your prayers.

–Sis. B. P., Colorado Springs, CO

A Financial Blessing!!

I could not get a loan because the devil kept standing in my way!  After I followed your prophetic words, I was granted a loan for $20,000 and I paid off my truck, paid off my credit cards and had $586 left over.

–Sis. G. C., Princess Anne, MD

Gods Divine Blessings!!

I asked God to reveal to me if you are who you say you are in Christ and he did that. I asked him to allow me to lay eyes on you in the flesh for conference, he did that.  Many miracles followed, a home, new truck, a kidney transplant for my son, my social security was approved and had a successful eye surgery, Amen!

–Sis. L. F., Erie, PA

Healing Miracle!

I’ve been healed of cancer.  I am 100% in remission.  Glory be to God, it’s been one ½ year now.  Also my grandson has no more infection for 3 years!

–Sis G. M. K., LA

Praise the Lord!

I had to tell you what God has done for my son.  He hasn’t walked in 6 to 8 months and Sunday, he came to church without his wheel chair.  He walked in the church with his cane.  I started crying and praising the Lord.

–Sis B N., Winston-Salem, NC