God’s miracle blessing!

I was watching your television program and put my hand on yours and your wife’s. I must say my body received chills up and down and I am pain free! Praise God! Thank you.

–Bro. T. N., La Mirada, CA,

Praise God!

My wife and I had been burdened with an unexpected debt for $25,000. I received the Miracle Spring Water and followed your instructions. I prayed for $13,300.00 entered that amount in the letter and returned it to you.  About a month later we were informed that we would be receiving 4 checks in an amount of $28,000. I checked to see if the debt was owed and I was told it had been pain in full. Praise God!!!

–Bro. D. H., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

God financial blessings!

You prophesied to me that that I am going to be blessed with some money one week later God blessed me with a check for $1,242.88 the next week God blessed me with another check with the same amount.

–Sis P. H.L, Chicago, IL

Prosperous blessings from God!

I received a call from a car dealership I had never visited and they asked me if I had a car, I told them NO and I also did not have a job, they said they could get me a car so I got a taxi to take me there.  I drove back home in my jeep!  Thank you Prophet Popoff, you are a God-send to me.  I am greatly expecting God’s 20/20 law of increase of prosperity to be released to me.

—Sis D. F., Woodbridge, VA