I received my SSI Benefits!

I received my SSI Benefits! People said that I wasn’t going to get them, but I received a letter from you saying that I would receive them and I did. 

–Bro. P. H., Dallas, TX

Healing miracles!

Peter, when you touched my forehead in Boston, MA for my diabetes, you and God healed me.  When I went back to the doctor, he said, ‘Mamie, you are healed from your head to your feet and your arthritis and the hammertoe.”  I am saying be the stripes of God, I am healed.

–Sis. M. P., Bridgeport, CT

Miracle Water!

My girlfriend has been getting severe migraines for over 25 years.  I anointed her with the Russian Water and she hasn’t had a headache since.  25 years of severe weekly migraines gone! 

–Bro. A. P. Rumford, RI

Prosperity blessings!

You are a true Prophet of God!   I received a $37,000.00 music recording contract. Everything you said I am seeing it come to pass!   When you said you know me very well, everything you said about me is true!

–Bro. E. P., Memphis, TN