Albert’s miracle

Thanks a million for your prayers.  I want to share my son, Albert’s miracle.  He is the one that had liver cancer.  He went to see the doctor (he is in prison).  The prison doctor in Lubbock, TX said to him, after he ran tests on Albert, he said “Albert, there were 10 guys that had liver cancer (in the prison system) 8 of them died already, 2 are alive, you and the other one is in his death bed.  You Albert must have a powerful God, you no longer have liver cancer” Praise God!

–Sis. G. C., River Oaks, TX

in awe because of my rapid recovery.

My wife received your miracle water while I was in the ICU fighting for my life due to a car accident.  She sprinkled the miracle water on me and we began to pray for what doctors said was impossible.  Three weeks later, the doctors are in awe because of my rapid recovery.

–Sis. P. A., Fremont, CA