God’s financial blessings

In one of your letters to me you told me that you saw me coming into some money between $1,900-$19,000.  Before I replied to your last letter I got first $1000, then $500.00, then $400.00. I want to say thank you so much and that you are a true man of God.

–Sis. M. A., Malick Barataria, Trinidad and Tabago

By the stripes of God, I am healed.

When you touched my forehead for my diabetes, you and God healed me.  When I went back to the doctor, he said, “you are healed from your head to your feet and your arthritis and the hammertoe.”  By the stripes of God, I am healed.

–Sis. M. P.,  Bridgeport, CT  

Miracle bleesings!

You need to know your anointing is more powerful than everyone else’s ministries. You sent me a birthday card and that same day money appeared all over my house for 5 minutes.

–Bro. I. G. Los Angeles, CA