God’s miracles of healing!

You sent that miracle spring water  me and my daughter used it and I don’t have any more problems with my kidneys and being weak , and my daughter had cancer and the dr’s said she doesn’t have it any more!! 

–Sis S. W., Temple, TX

healed from the pain!

My toes were hurting me for two weeks when I anointed my body with the purple oil and the next day I didn’t feel any pain. I put the oil on my shoulder and it too was healed from pain!  

–Sis. H. L., Baltimore, MD

Big miracles!

This week we were asked to go to an important meeting about 200 miles from where I live.  We were informed there that our late grandfather had 30 million dollars in an account that we could claim. It was the most incredible news of my life brother Popoff.  You told me I would receive a financial blessing and this is so incredible. 

–Sis P. C., Albuquerque, NM