God blessed us with a new car

I followed your instructions on carrying the Holy Ghost Power Medallion for 21 days….During the 21 days, God blessed us with not only car repairs, He blessed us with a new car.  Thank you, Jesus and thank you, Rev. Popoff.  

–Sis. E. G., Irvine, CA 


I got a check!

I just wanted to let you know on my 177 day  you told me I would get a blessing and I got a check for $2,500 dollars. I just want to tell you thank you and please continue to pray for me and my family.

–Sis. L. F., Mcrae, GA  


God’s Financial Blessings

I just want to tell you my brother was laid off  but after  your prayer water he found a job with the post office, my sister was struggling so much but your spring water and many prayers got her a job. Bless you Rev. Popoff.

–Bro C. F., Bedford OH


My house no longer in foreclosure

I received a call the morning of the 23rd telling me my home was no longer on the foreclosure list! It had been CANCELLED-Praise God!  I thank God, that he led me to the television that one night to find you there. I prayed with you that night, and have been praying with you ever since.

–Sis. S. R., Windsor VA


God’ financial blessings

I opened an envelope from a hospital that I owed over $7,000 for services, it said “The balance of $7,594.73 will be adjusted to $0.” Thank you Peter Popoff for the intercession.

–Sis. G. S., Waterbury, CT