My serious debt was canceled

You prophesied that my debt is going to be cancel and my serious debt was canceled. The amount of $10476.49 was completely canceled by the court. Thank you for your prayer for saving me from this trouble.

–Bro. P. Q., Atlanta, GA 


Eye has not seen…

“Eye has not seen… Ear has not heard… And the heart has not perceived THE GOOD THINGS God has laid up for you who love and serve Him.”  And believe me when I say, you don’t have to die and go to Heaven to get those “good things”.



An unexpected financial blessing

The prophet prophesied that I would receive between £1800 and £18,00. Well 4 days ago £1800 was deposited into my bank account from a source I had not considered before, just like the prophet said it would. Praise Jesus!!!

–Bro. M. B., Dorchester U.K