Being led by God

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.

Romans 8:14

It is not enough to know the Word of God if we do not follow it.   It is not enough to go to church, if when we sit there, we are not thinking about God.  It is not enough to think we are following the Word of God when we are only charitable on the Holidays.  Being led by God means following his Word as closely as possible within our lives.  Being charitable is not just giving money to the poor,  it is also giving some of your time to your loved ones to hear them out on how their day went.  Being led by God is being present in the moment to listen to the messages given to you by God in everything that you do.  Whether it is by the people that surround you, be they  strangers or friends and family. God will lead you to where he knows you need to be.  He will lead you  to success and to prosperity if you let him.  I would like to know, how are you being led by God?  Please leave me a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Being led by God

  1. I have been Blessed to have two good neighbor’s and even thou I sometimes don’t have food in my home they alway’s seem to be on time and come to my house with groceries. O Mother’s Day my neighbor Hope took me out with her family for a Mother’s Day Brunch and I enjoyed myself with them. Yesterday she tells me she is having a cookout and I better be there, Rev. POPOFF I don’t attend many thing’s like that or go any where but she insist that I be there, we share our life’s of up’s and down’s she has health problem’s yet she has time for me and I’m very thankful to have her in my life. My other neighbor Mr. Kenny do the same things when it comes down to me, the only problem is that a lot of times I want to thing’s for them yet they refuse to let me return a good deed to them,sometimes she ask me to fry her some chicken and I do she loves the way I fry them. Mr. Kenny will only accept me to listen to him which I love to discuss the Bible with him sometimes he feels that people is out to get him and I pray with him to help him feel lest afraid he really is a wonderful Guy and people on the block talks bad about him yet they never took time to know him. Then I was sitting outside my house and a stranger walk up to me and ask for me to pray with him and now he stop by each time he sees me and say’s thank so much for the pray it help him so much he said, there are many times I’ve met stranger’s in supper market’s and store’s that ask me to pray with them and it’s like I known them for life and my family always tell me to stop speaking to stranger’s and I tell them that maybe God sent them to me, in any case I don’t feel any threats from them, I just have new friend’s in my life. There is so much I have to be thankful for but It will take up this whole page so I will end this and say I’m very thankful I put my TV on one night when I had trouble sleeping and found you speaking and I want to thank you for being there for me. AMEN! Glory be to GOD!

  2. Dear Prophet Popoff,

    We have been communicating for years now, and some of my prayer request was for my family to prosper. Well my one daughter who at one time was on drugs, always was in jail, and wouldn’t work. Has a job, has been promoted from team leader, to assistant manager just the other day. My sons are both managers of big companies. One LA Fitness, and the other Target dept. store. But me I have been taking care of my mother and attending to school since her stroke. But I am in high hopes of being employed myself to have income and to prosper. I applied for SSI because I was really sick. But I never received the SSI;so I hope God will bless me with sums of money I was to receive thru SSI and more in other ways.

    Gwen Young

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