Insurance Windfall

You said that I would receive a windfall and I did this month from an insurance settlement in the amount of $6,015.00, it came right on time so that I could pay past due bills and other things…Glory to God!

Bro. K. C., Charlotte, NC


Winning the Lottery

I am so thankful for your prayers and listening to all your letters.  In December 2012 I won $50,000.00 on the lottery.  Your letter predicted this in December.  I just cannot stop raising God for all he has done for us.  May the Lord continue to bless you Brother Peter and thank you for all your letters and prayers.

–Sis. C. K. Winnipeg, Manitoba


God changed their hearts

Our house was in foreclosure, and the bank did not want to give us a loan modification.  God changed their hearts, and as of July 2012, we will have a modification.  Thank God for T.V. because that is how I came to call for the miracle water.  I did as you instructed me to do.

–Sis. B. H., Miami, FL


I got my old job back

I received a letter from you telling me that I would receive and income increase between $200 and $500 and I got my old job back which brings in and extra $1000 a month!

–Sis. D. R., New York, NY


I was approved…

I was approved for my disability and it was for the figure that you gave me! I will receive $1,008.00 a month! And I was awarded $18,675.00 just like you said! 

–Bro. J. M., Valdosta, GA