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  1. I have read some testimonies on this blog. They have been an inspiration to me.
    God is a healer and the demonic is very real. I have been following the ministry for about 2 years now. God will do what he said he would do. I keep reminding myself of this. we are in covenant with god Deut 28:1-14 he is faithful.
    I thank this ministry for continually praying for my family, needs and healing.
    Bless you Peter

  2. Brother Popoff and I have been mailing back and forth for a while now. So far my Karatbars business is slowly beginning to improve. I Thank Brother Popoff Greatly. Brother Popoff and his staff’s prayers have been Greatly Appreciated. I will keep donating to Brother Popoff’s Ministry because their prayers are improving my Karatbars business. Thank You and God’s Speed Brother Popoff and your staff.

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