Part 1 Supernatural Debt Cancellation (article from the desk of Rev. Peter Popoff)

There is no doubt about it, miracle debt cancellation is taught in God’s holy word.  In ancient Israel, all debts were forgiven every seven years.  Today, when the world is a wash in debt, the need for this message is more critical than ever.  Not only did God send his servant to a woman who was about to see both of her sons sold into slavery, but when she received the message of God’s servant, she saw a supernatural miracle of debt cancellation (see 2 Kings 4).  The prophet of God, Elisha asked her what do you have in your house.  She said I just have a small pot of oil.  In every instance in God’s word where a mighty miracle was performed, God had to have something to work with.  God always asks us, “what do you have?”  Is doesn’t matter if it is insignificant or small, what do you have?  He told the woman to go out and borrow pots (vessels).  He wanted her to think big just like God wants us to think big.  God always has big dreams for us.  Then he told the woman to pour the oil she had into the borrowed vessels.  She kept pouring until all of the vessels were filled.  Then he told her to go and sell the oil, pay her debts and you can live on the money for the rest of her life.  Not only were her debts cancelled, but her sons were delivered from slavery and she was set up for the rest of her life.

United in the Spirit and Love of Jesus,

Peter Popoff

2 thoughts on “Part 1 Supernatural Debt Cancellation (article from the desk of Rev. Peter Popoff)

  1. Doo doo doo doo Hello! I have gotten one of your insightful letters concerning the principles of Supernatural Debt Cancellation. I am the priest of a small town church, and I was wondering if you think it would be good to preach a sermon on Debt and Remuneration. Please comment back here with your thoughts.

  2. I believe in the Word of God. I am asking Jesus to take my intagible prayers for being debt from and turn being debt free into tangible.

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